Record-VOIP  a $19.95 VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone recorder that can be used with Vonage,MagicJack, netTALK, and other VOIP providers.  The best way to find out if your VOIP phone service is compatible is to download a free copy and try it (The free copy will record only 60 seconds per call).  

If you use a hardware adapter for your VOIP phone system then the only thing you need prior to using Record-VOIP  record your phone calls is a router that both your VOIP phone adapter and your computer are plugged into.  The router can be standalone, as shown below, or integrated in with the Cable/DSL Modem.  Record-VOIP ll reroute only VOIP traffic and share it with the computer and therefore allow the recording of this information. Please refer to the following diagram that shows a typical VOIP Adapter configuration:

VOIP Adapter Configuration


A wired connection from the computer to the router is the preferred configuration that will work for adapter based VOIP but wireless connections to the router tend to be a problem. If you have a wireless connection and you are having problems running Record-VOIP ease try adding your VOIP adapters MAC address to Record-VOIP Manual Recording mode.  If your still having problems running with a wireless configuration then try using a wired connection to the router instead. A wireless connection between the computer and the router is not a problem when using a SoftPhone.

If you use a SoftPhone (e.g. MagicJack) then the following diagram represents a typical configuration:

VOIP SoftPhone Configuration



Both Adapter and SoftPhone VOIP can be used with Record-VOIP  the same time (Up to 10 VOIP phones can be active at the same time depending on the performance of your computer).  

Some of Record-VOIP features are:  

Please download and explore all the features of Record-VOIP

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